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Who Are the Top Goalscorers in Football history?

There are many search results in recent time about who are the highest goal scorer in the history of football, in this post we’ll be looking into that.

Ronaldo, Messi, Romario are among the top three in our list but we are going to be taking our time to study this three super hero in our time.

with help of technical analysis we can catabolically state with fact based on when the analysis was taken, and this webpage will continuously been updating you on the current report that is up to date to the best of knowledge in football.

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Like we all know there are many top goal scorers that are not known by many. we carried out this research to unveil it to many of us.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the greatest Swedish footballers of all time and has been doing awesomely well in front of goal and has scored up to 570 goals. he approaches 40 years of age.

Tulio Maravilha is another hero of football with 575 goals though he claims to have scored up a thousand goals but according to our reports he has score 575 goals the Brazilian striker is awesome during his time on the Brazilian national team.

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Eusebio has 623 goals he was one of most prolific goal scorer in Portugal in 1960 – 1970s Spearheading a Benfica side that dominated domestically in Europe, he was an iconic figure in Lison and remembered by his fans across the globe Eusebio boasted an incredible goals ratio up to 623 in 639 games making him a hero of their time.

Lionel Messi has scored 755 goals many has regarded him as the greatest footballer ever walk earth because of his beautiful playing skills and speed, the Argentina Its understandably that the diminutive argentine has racked up to 742 goals in 946 outing games

the sensational player has many fans across the glob and many trusted him to be an exceptional and has played in Barcelona FC for a very long time.

Cristiano Ronaldo 783 goals The Portuguese superstar indeed has broken many remarkable records as he transformed himself in to football god and goalscoring machine and loved by many he is so popular that even the none football lovers knows him very well.

Who Are the Top Goalscorers in Football history?

Josef Bican is prolific and highest goal scorer yet many did not know him yes he is the highest with 805 goals he is a star in Austria in 1930s he is among those that help his country reach semi final in 1934 world and he continues until 1955 before he retired at age 42

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