Opinion: This Arteta team is going places, what more do you want to see from them?

Arsenal is showing significant signs of improvement compared to the start of the season and it is pleasurable to all of us.

The Gunners have hit top form in recent weeks and the win against Leicester City yesterday showed we are making progress.

However, even clubs that have won league titles have areas they need to improve on.

The Gunners have scored goals, kept some out, pressed well and it appears like we don’t have any real weaknesses right now. How true is that?

For me, I want to see more goals off the bench.

We haven’t scored many goals in our matches so far, but we will get to that stage.

However, I think getting goals from players who come off the bench will help us win more points.

Alexandre Lacazette proved this point perfectly when he came on against Crystal Palace to help us earn a point.

If we can get players who can come off the bench to score winning goals late in games, we have a better chance of winning every game we play.

There is a lot more we could do better, including scoring more goals from set-pieces, but I’d love to hear what you think this team can do to become even better.

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