Let’s get straight to the point – Arsenal Did not like to offer Martinez to Aston Villa


if you didn’t know much about Arsenal and decided to listen to Talk Sport you would be left thinking that our recruitment team rate Ramsdale as better then Martinez.
The likes of Jamie O’Hara have suggested that rumours we are willing to give Sheffield United over 30 million for their keeper is indicative of the club’s transfer policy.
The pundit’s puzzlement is how can the same person let Martinez leave and then a year later pay 10 million more for a goalie less talented.
I myself can be critical of our lack of ambition in the market, but I’m going to defend the Gunners in this line of thinking.
Like most things, context is key but some in media will choose to leave out key details.
Yes, Martinez had a better season then Leno.
Yes 30 million could be paying over the odds for a player who’s been relegated in consecutive campaigns.
But let’s clarify ….
Arsenal wanted Martinez to stay, they never judged that Leno was better.
What Arteta wanted was for the Argentine to extend his contract, at which point he would have been competition for the number one shirt.
Martinez’s agent made it clear his client would only sign a new deal if there were assurances of being in the first team.
Instead of backing his ability to rise to the top, the player wanted guarantees.
It’s easy with the benefit of hindsight to say we should have made exceptions, but very few managers give that kind of promise.
Anyone can watch what he did at Villa Park and say it was obvious our manager should have named him his first choice but very few coaches do that.
Only a Messi or Ronaldo have earnt the right to make any such demands.
They became the players they have by having the personality where they wouldn’t make such a request, they would simply rely on their belief that they are the best at what they do.
Very few coaches would be happy to be given an ultimatum by a player, and in fact would question that person’s attitude for asking for it.
In the past three seasons Martinez has won an FA Cup and Copa America.
Arsenal might not be the only party who regret not better communication.
Martinez must look at his form In Birmingham and surely realise those levels are good enough to still be at a club he grew up at, and one where he has a better chance of adding to his medal collection?
More confidence perhaps and maybe he doesn’t feel the need to seek validation?
Would I rather Martinez then Ramsdale competing with Leno?
But that doesn’t give Talk Sport the right to leave out key facts
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