Is it time for Arsenal fans to actually give Arteta some credit?

Does Mikel Arteta winning the best manager in September give him a little credit? by Sylvester Kwentua

Hello Arsenal family all over the globe! I bring you greetings from a passionate Arsenal fan. The EPL returns this weekend and Arsenal, our darling team, will be locking horns against Crystal Palace at the Emirates stadium, and this is one game that may eventually test Arsenal’s defence, as Crystal Palace is known to harbour a deadly attacking force. However, despite their obvious strengths, something tells me Arsenal would win this match. With Mikel Arteta winning the manager of the month of September, there is this positivity in me that this may just be the tonic needed, to propel a slowly moving Arsenal train, up to speed.

Let us see things this way. In the last month, Arsenal didn’t lose any game! We didn’t win all our games either, but the fact that we halted our losing streak, and grinded out some impossible results, only implies that Arsenal, and to a large extent, Mikel Arteta, was starting to instil the ‘win at all cost’ attitude in the team, and this to a larger extent, improved the belief in the boys that they could actually win a game, without playing a good game.null

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Arteta right now is one of the most bashed managers in the world of sports, and even while he was grinding out results the hard way last month, nobody recognized his efforts. It has not been easy on a manager who actually has the potential in him, but is saddled with a job that even more experienced managers failed in. Winning the September 2021 Barclays manager of the month after guiding Arsenal to three straight victories, is all Arteta may actually need to propel him to even better outings in the month of October and subsequent months.

On Monday, something tells me we would see a free flowing Arsenal side that will keep the boys from Crystal Palace busy from start to finish. We would also score some beautiful goals and win the match. At the end of the 90 minutes, Arteta would have announced to the fans that he was ready to lead the team to something better than last season, for this season at the least. What do you think famz? Hope we share the same optimism?

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