How many Arsenal fans are still missing Emi Martinez?

Ramsdale doing what Martinez couldn’t! (so it seems)

What a difference a year makes, for every sort of situation and one in particular that stands out is the one with Emiliano Martinez.

A lot has been said about Martinez when he was in his last season at the club and the fact that he did so well for Arsenal before he left.

I myself stated so many times I was disappointed when he left, and had he stayed maybe we would not have finished as low and as poorly as we did last season.

But every season is a new one and I think even Martinez himself will admit that his performance levels are different to when he first joined Aston Villa.

So, how must Martinez feel now that, over his many years at Arsenal, he couldn’t knock any goalkeeper off their perch to take that number one spot, and in his last season in particular, he couldn’t knock Bernd Leno off of that number one spot?

Yet it has taken it seems, Aaron Ramsdale, to come in a season after Martinez leaves, to pretty much knock Leno off his perch and really rival him for that number one jersey. So far so good on that front.

Does that mean that Emi really didn’t have what it takes to make it? Does it mean that he was just a one season wonder when he appeared for us at the end of the season and last season for Villa in his first year at the club?

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Well based on how he is performing so far this season for them, although not the worst, it does seem that he is now even more prone to letting goals in, not all his own fault it has to be said, but the goalkeeper is the last man standing and at times, he would admit, he could have and should have done better.

Don’t get me wrong Ramsdale has also let some goals in, including last night against Villa, but I hope that he continues his form past one season and rival Leno for that number one spot.

And although Villa came away from the Emirates with zero points, at least Martinez can be happy with the penalty save from Aubameyangdespite conceding from the rebound.

But it does seem Martinez was a one season wonder, especially against us last season when they did the double over us, but they were quickly brought back to reality this season and there was no way were we going to let Martinez take all the plaudits again!

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