Do Arsenal fans feel anger or sadness? Or just disappointed? ARSENAL GAME

The logical thing happened and Arsenal were deservedly beaten by Konstantin Mitov

I’m amazed lovely Arsenal people, by the amount of Arsenal fans believing football is a irrational game where it doesn’t matter how many bad decisions you take, you can just win.
I predicted this season would be tough and Arteta would be sacked by Christmas, and he just couldn’t wait for game 1 to prove me right. I’ve spent numerous articles trying to explain why that is and at this point I feel all the energy towards Arsenal could just be spent better on something else.
I am happy I’m touring Europe and I didn’t get to watch the game. There was nothing to be excited about. We spent 50 million pounds on a CB and conceded two goals, and of course we couldn’t score.
If I tell you my honest opinion about these Arsenal players, board and staff, they’d forbid me from watching a football game forever, but in short, I wouldn’t miss one of them.
Auba and Laca should both be sold. I guess it’s my fault that we start the season unprepared again and having no striker. It’s just beyond unacceptable that we don’t have even one ready.
Odegaard? We had him last season and what did we do? We’re in for him, cause he’s cheaper than Maddison. Pathetic again, but we had him last year and we still finished 8th.
Even Harry Potter won’t fix this mess by waving his magic wand. It’s a problem that goes right down from Stan Kroenke at the top, to all the fans who keep believing in this rotten manager and system.
It’s hard to even say what I feel. You would normally call it disappointment, but it’s hard when you expect it. It’s mostly a bit of anger and then just sadness.
I hope you feel better though.
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