Dan’s EPL predictions WK2 – Will Chelsea bully Arsenal like Brentford did?

I can’t believe I was the only one to go for a Brentford win last weekend! It puts massive pressure on Arteta with Chelsea and City next.

Although I don’t think he’s under any pressure from the Kroenke Family who will just hide behind the fact we have a young squad.

Well done to Adeski – 12 points on his debut…

Liverpool 3-0 Burnley

One of the fixtures Liverpool lost at Anfield last season.

That’s why Klopp will be delighted his front three started so well at Carrow Road.

That will be the difference between them being title contenders or not.

Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle

Villa have a good spine, and I think they will have a decent campaign.

The test for their players is dealing with expectation. Villa Park will be packed at the weekend expecting three points.

It’s a great stadium to play in when things are going well, but horrible when it’s not.

A tense narrow win.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Brentford

Some Eagle fans were concerned that their team didn’t seem to have a plan at the Bridge.

This has echoes of the De Boer era which is why I hope Parish gives Vieira time. There’s a big rebuilding job at Selhurst Park.

Every season there is a newly promoted team who carry momentum into the topflight and get points on the board early.

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Leeds 2-2 Everton

Leeds fans have waited since 2003 for this moment so I expect an intimidating atmosphere at Elland Road.

It might be a coincidence but Rafa Benitez’s first game saw Everton win having been behind at half time for the first time since 2015.

Brighton 1-2 Watford

Two teams who make a lot of chances, but Watford have more firepower.

Like Brentford, Watford  will get lots of point on the board early during their honeymoon period.

Man City 5-0 Norwich

Last weekend (along with the CL Final) proved it would be a gamble to try and retain your title without a false number 9.

There are games where tikka takka doesn’t work and you need a plan B that a centre forward gives you.

Won’t be a problem here as defensively Norwich can’t defend at this level.

Saints 1-3 Man United

Pogba got 4 assists last weekend.

The frustration is that it wouldn’t be a shock if he went missing this weekend.

Last Saturday summed up the Saint’s problem. They start well but give so much energy they tend to tire.

That will happen here.

Wolves 1-1 Spurs

The headline last Sunday was Spurs beating the Champions without Harry Kane.

That overshadowed the facts that Nuno Santos got his front three to work so hard off the ball.

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Their issue is that it wouldn’t be a shock if the very next week they simply don’t show up.

If Harry Kane wants to play, let him.

He hasn’t done anything for anyone to doubt the striker’s professionalism.

Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

Any Gooner who still won’t accept we have gone backwards since Mr Wenger left, think of it like this.

22 mins into new season Brentford fans were singing ‘Ole!’ as they kept possession …. Brentford!

Surely Chelsea will see how Toney bullied our centrebacks and ask Lukaku to do the same.

Alternatively, there’s zero excuse for Arteta not to be prepared for that.

Not including a couple of thousand in December, fans will be back in the Emirates for the first time since February 2020.

A chance to make voices heard…

West Ham 0-1 Leicester

My prediction is West Ham will struggle in front of their own fans.

6th place last season will just cause unrealistic expectation.

If opposition keep games tight then you can use Hammers fans against them.

The Foxes with a smash and grab win…

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