Arteta May Lost his job ! This season really is All Or Nothing for Arteta and Arsenal ARSENAL NEWS

This is definitely going to be a crucial season in Arsenal’s history, and surely it will also be the year that makes or breaks Mikel Arteta’s coaching career. After two 8th place finishes in a row, it is now time for Arteta to prove that his rebuild of the squad has been a success or not.

It will be even more pressure added as the cameras will be following every twist and turn as the season unfolds. As the Executive Producer, Clare Cameron said: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Arsenal to capture the exhilaration and drama of a unique season at the club,”
“The opportunity to get close-up access to a squad of talented young players, both on and off the pitch, see the return of the fans to football and understand what makes Arsenal such an iconic club, will make for a compelling All or Nothing series.”
It is certainly very brave of Arteta to embrace this opportunity as it is well-known that usually Arsenal do like to do their business privately and quietly, but Arteta seems very happy to go along with it. “We’re going to help as much as possible for everybody to see what this club means, how are things done at the football club, be as transparent as we can to show the values, integrity, passions and where we are trying to drive this football club,” he said on CBS. “Hopefully it’s a perfect year to show that. It’s down to us to try to produce the best piece we can so everybody can feel part of what we do and our fans can feel proud of what we do.”


What will be of extra interest to Arsenal fans will be seeing how the club conducts themselves in the last two weeks of the transfer window, as this is normally the time when the club are the most secretive, and I’m sure it will be fascinating to see who (and how) Arteta and Edu manage to bring in a new midfielder, and a backup goalkeeper at least, while the cameras are running. “If you’re reading all the time every news related to the club you can get confused,” Arteta continued. “You see that many names attached to it that one day you go from here to there. So obviously you’re going to like more A than B, if you get B and you were expecting A you’re never going to be happy.
“We will try to explain why we do things the way we can and be transparent with that.”
This is set to be a revealing insight to the behind-the-scenes in the Arsenal camp, and I am certain it will be fascinating.
But I really hope that have a fantastic and successful season to look back on, and not a depressing reminder!

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