Are Arsenal fans a little jealous that Tottenham signed Conte?

One thing Spurs beats Arsenal on – recruitment! by Anthenokbiz

 After news broke last night it now appears to be confirmed that Tottenham have a new manager.

They have recruited ex Chelsea manager Antonio Conte as their new coach, after sacking Nuno Espirito Santo after a less than acceptable run of form for the club!

Now I don’t know how to feel with that but I can’t help but feel a little frustrated…

 Although it is nice to see that so far Arsenal seem to be going in some sort of the right direction although I would be interested to see how we go against the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea when we play them, after seemingly coming out of the rut we were in, especially after losing badly to City and Chelsea the first time around.

But I also can’t help but feel that in the long term I do not think Arteta would be the guy to give us years of success like Arsene Wenger did. Now if he does stay that long and goes on to prove me wrong, then I will of course hold my hands up.

 I am one of those fans that would have liked to see the likes of Conte at the club though. 

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Our appointment process clearly shows that the owners do not look very high in who they get, and this is in no way a disrespect towards Arteta at all because he must have some qualities otherwise he wouldn’t be doing what he is, right?

 Although I am hoping Conte’s appointment won’t do much to turn Spurs around, I do feel disappointed and a little bit deflated.

 All I can say for us is we can only work with what we have got, so as hard as it is, let’s not focus on who is managing the other clubs, and more on what is going on at our club and get behind the team as much as we can!

 Because at the end of the day, let’s not forget when Arsene Wenger first came eyebrows were raised as he was unknown and look at the legacy he created at the club!

Onwards and upwards hey Gooners?

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