8 Things Ladies want in a relationship But They Will Not Ask

Common 8 thin that all ladies want on a relationship , but due to being shy or so

They may never ask for it Even though they desperately want it

I’ll be talking about 8 things that all ladies want in a relationship. Pls make sure you comment below


  1. Good Morning text: girls always want a text or a call in the morning, this gear thier live more for you.

2. A tight Hug from behind, it drives them crazy.

3. Deep long conversation, most girls like this much, even if it on call. They love long discussion either on call or social media, WhatsApp precisely

4. Take pics 🌆🏜🌠together. Snapping is always their fun & favorite

5. They like surprises, no matter how small it was. 

6. Making Time for her, always give her attention and Time when necessary. Denying them makes them annoye 

7. With all due respect, RESPECT HER PARENTS

8. Guys! Don’t lie for your babe, they’ve giving all their trust in you, liying for them hurt them deeply.

Feel free too add yours in the comment box 📦

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