Arsenal fans need to cross their fingers for the rest of the season (Trust the process)

The final stretch, the last lap, or perhaps what can be best described as the business end of the premier league season,

is set to commence after the international break.

Business end indeed as the upcoming results and the final league position will have a huge say in impacting summer signings and outgoings as well.

Do we stand a good chance of qualifying for the Champions League next year? Hand over heart, it’s a loud YES for all Gooners. But is it that straightforward? Perhaps not. Let’s take a closer look.

If we are to replicate the points table from last season,

then the remaining 10 matches will fetch us 20 points which will have Arsenal at 74 pts for the season. 74 was enough to qualify for the top 4 in 7 of the last 10 seasons. However, the 4th placed team had an average of 71 points over the same period of time. Yes, we do have an edge, but it’s not too sharp!

Let’s also take a look at the competition. For now, we assume that West Ham and Wolves are out of the equation. That leaves us with Manchester United and Tottenham who are snapping at our heels for the 4th position. That is to say, of course, that Chelsea comfortably holds on to the 3rd spot which won’t be a walk in the park. But if Chelsea slips then let’s just consider it as a bonus for us.

Arsenal fans need to cross their fingers for the rest of the premier league season (Trust the process)


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Both United and Spurs are breathing down our necks and also have a relatively easier fixture list coming up. What can give us some confidence against Tottenham is, well, that Tottenham is Tottenham. Brilliant one day and agonizing the next. The defining change this year, though, is Antonio Conte who will do everything he can to ensure that Tottenham doesn’t behave as Tottenham does. Fingers crossed on this one.

For Manchester United, it’s yet another season without any trophies. Inconsistency has plagued them, and with no clear path in sight till the end of the season, the inconsistencies might continue.

That just leaves the small matter of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo who won’t accept anything less than a top 3 finish.

If he is able to rally the rest of the boys then we’ll need to have fingers crossed on this one as well.

The edge that Arsenal has over both these teams is the consistency that Arteta has brought in. The red cards and mistakes leading to goals have thankfully dried up. We can now trust this team to deliver what the coach asks of them on a consistent basis.

Trust the process. Trust the process.

This edge is what will probably help Arsenal pip the other two contenders. For now, let’s stock up the refreshments and gear up for a roller coaster business end to the Premier League 2021-22 season.

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