•  Missing Break Fast

People with good eating pattern have good mood. 

People who often miss their breakfast will experience swing mood that involves irritability because of their low blood sugar.

  • Bad mood can suppress our brain capacity to be sensitive to others’ pain.
  • sleeping late : sleep Late : 

can over-stimulate parts of the brain and even lead to permanent damage of the brain, according to a report on sleep deprivation among students published by The Guardian. “This is because of the brain’s ‘neural plasticity’ – which means its ability to adapt to new situations.

  • High consumption of sugar
Throughout the body, excess sugar is harmful.

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to memory deficiencies, sugar addiction, and decline in overall health. 

To keep your brain healthy, consume sugar in moderation and within the recommended guidelines.

  • Over Sleeping (Especially in the morning):

While the effects of sleep deprivation are well known, 
researchers discover sleeping too much could have a detrimental effect on your brain.
sleeping more than eight hours per night can reduce cognitive ability and reasoning skills.

  • eating while watching television affect brain:

when you eat while watching television, your concentration deviates 
and thus the brain gets distracted and sends out wrong signals and hence leads to overeating.
  • Stagnation:
Ultimately, a growing, learning brain is a healthy brain. Doing the same things for months and years on end leads to stagnation, while practicing new hobbies, 
meeting new people and seeing new places will keep your mind clear — 
all the while allowing you to have fun. Now that you’re in retirement, 
there’s no reason not to spend time learning new things and doing what you enjoy.
  • Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain : No explanation we all know this …..
  • Staying Too Much In Darkness: 

If you don’t get enough natural light, you may get depressed, 
and that can slow your brain. Research also shows that sunlight helps keep your brain working well.
  • Covering the Head While Sleeping:

pillow over the head may feel warm and comforting. 

However, if you want to give the brain sufficient oxygen for proper cognitive functioning, you might want to put the pillow under the head instead.
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